Hypertension,Blood Diseases and Heart – Popular Recipes!

Many people has problem with heart of with their blood disease, for example hypertension. But to cure this disease can be easy, if you know how to use things around you. For example fruit and vegetables you can find every day in the store next to you, you can quit from smoking or to do the best of you to reduce the stress which is the main problem causing this disease. Here we will show how to cure this diseases with changing of everyday routine.

Hypertension, blood diseases or heart can be cure in many ways, in order of that we will show you few recipes.

Lose excess weight 

The lack of weight is a very important step in the normalization of hypertension. It is not the case that often people who suffer from hypertension are included in the category of people overweight. The risk of excess pounds is greater when obesity is accumulated in some parts of the body, specifically in the abdomen and chest. Benefits of lack of obesity are numerous. Except that it affects the reduction of high blood pressure, does the decrease in cholesterol, etc. Also helps in regulation of blood sugar levels in diabetes constitutes a rather aggravating factor for normal functioning of cardiac system.

Lose the weight and cure many disease


Experts give the advise to the patients who are sick from hypertension to walk 2-3 times a week for 45 minutes (this is average time needed to traverse a distance of 4 kilometers). Rather, they stop after exercise with weight thus greatly increase arterial pressure and delays that come to physiological levels. However, it is not excluded that a sick with hypertension perform exercises with weights , but this would only be done after it has already begun a program of aerobic , on the advice of his doctor and based on the results of the analyzes necessary for example: test, fatigue etc.

Stroll everyday and feel good

Leave smoking

Smoking causes cracks of capillaries and affect in the loss of elasticity. It is proven that a cigarette is able to cause cracks and because of blood pressure that circulates inside the capillary rise. Besides blood pressure, heart rate and more frequent as the latter is forced to work harder in order to cover the needs of the body with oxygen. With the cessation of smoking capillary walls become more elastic, and normal heart rhythm works with and not faint. While the heart works with normal rhythm and without getting tired.

Stop smoking and disease will disappear

Remove the stress

Although this advice is difficult to implement, since stress is present in our daily life, the truth is that if you want to successfully cope with hypertension should cheek stress. In other words, stress acts as tobacco, leading to increased blood pressure. Third generation persons are affected by hypertension after their capillaries are stronger, a little more flexibility because of age.

Stop stress and you will feel free from hypertension

Method of feeding

Prefer fish. Fish (such a sardines, salmon) contain three fatty compounds, which are proved that help lower blood pressure. Studies on this issue have been conducted in people who consume a lot of fish such as Eskimos. Of course the effect of these compounds to you depends on the frequency of consumption of fish. It is better to prefer to eat fish twice a week and to limit consumption of beef, pork , chicken etc., up to once a week.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables have in their composition materials which help maintain capillaries in better condition. The interior part of it are “attacked” from high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes .Thanks to the valuable materials that contain fruits and vegetables, capillaries stay open to facilitating normal circulation of blood. Specialists suggest that your meals must have their composition from fruit, vegetables and meat with low fat.

Fruit and vegetables good for health

Adjust the temperature of house

The cold is an aggravating factor for hypertension, although many ignore. It is not accident that in summer cardiologists reduces the amount of medicament of hypertension, because heat reduces tension. Of course, sitting in the cold places, increase arterial pressure. Therefore, it is important to keep your house warm.

Hypertension and lemon fruits

A very successful way to reduce high blood pressure is lemon juice. Popular doctors recommend drinking juice of 4 lemons a day. This way of curing high blood pressure should last at list 2 months. Hypertension disease is a result of disorders of the central nervous apparatus, participating in the regulation of blood pressure. But also can occurrence how we become elder and a kidney disease, showing signs of disease gradually. Arterial pressure, in the initial stages, reels by raising and landing and later stabilized with raised figures. With the further development of the disease appear headaches, dizziness, sleep dysfunction, accelerating the pace pulse and asthenia.

Lemon juice to reduce high blood pressure

A black chocolate lowers blood pressure

Folk cures showed that black chocolate is good for the heart. It helps to strengthen the arteries, to them who smokes cigarettes and has more antioxidants per grams than a glass a wine, tea or strawberry. The latest study shows that black chocolate might be better than commonly suspected and some may eat chocolate for medical reasons. Those who love chocolate should be enjoyed. Doctors have says some time that the chocolate is good .If you eat chocolate every day a little, can help reduce blood pressure.

Black chocolate good for hypertension

Chocolate treats:

1- Helps heart for a better functioning

2- Enables the reduction of blood pressure

3- Does the balance of the high voltage and the low

4- Recommended especially black chocolate

5- Some people use as a folk cure.