Cabbage – a treasure trove of VITAMINS!

Probably no vegetables attract much attention as cabbage. The ancient Greeks and Romans considered a cure for almost all diseases, attributing the ability to soothe headaches, insomnia to drive away, to cope with deafness and various other diseases. And today we all know that cabbage almost in every home is extremely appreciated. Some experts recommend daily use to donate any of these 150 known different species of this vegetable. Most popular and most widely used is certainly white cabbage, but other than kale and cauliflower, are more commonly used and broccoli.


If you do not know

It contains almost the entire complex vitamins necessary for normal human life: provitamin A, vitamin C, B1, B2, B6, C and vitamin U, which prevents stomach ulcers. Salads of fresh and sauerkraut keep almost all their nutritional properties and medicines.

Description of cabbage

It is a two-year herb with a very large fleshy leaves, and cultivated in gardens. Its central part and at the same time branched root, while the trunk is straight and the first short, thick and fleshy, with root rosette leaves, which in the form of clove mask tightly to each other. Cocks foot outer leaves are green, able to absorb sunlight (photosynthesis). Inside sheets completely deprived of green tint.

Recipes for Health


With Cabbage agains diseases

Burns body – make a mixture of fresh grated cabbage and raw egg. Cabbage takes roughly the mass of whites. Stir mixture until you get a uniform density, which will then inserting the burn.

To treat ulcers or intestinal problems – in a blender grind fresh  leaves, and the resulting juice drain. Take cup three or four times a day, half an hour before meals.

To rinse the throat and mouth – freshly squeezed juice of white cabbage, add warm water, so the resulting solution rinse the mouth and throat. It is useful in cases of stomatitis, tonsillitis and throat.

For mastitis – in case of pneumonia it is necessary only to put fresh cabbage leaf breast and wait a bit to derive temperature and soft, then alternating with fresh leaf. Put cabbage compresses the breast until it pain. If this condition does not pass within 24 hours or if you get a fever, be sure to visit doctor.