Mistakes that We make During and After Having Meal!

All of us have habits that are practicing while they have meal or after their meal. It is very difficult to change the habits that we gain over the years, but if they affect badly to our health, we should try to change this mistakes that are bad to our health.

These mistakes we are usually doing almost every time after we are eating.

1. Drinking Water while you are Eating and Immediately After Eating

During having your mail you should avoid drinking water, because water will make you to feel bloated, but not only that drinking water while you are eating can make you to gain weight really fast. Water together with the salt of the food is connecting and creates fats that accumulate on our body. Is the same and if you drink water immediately after finishing with your meal the effect is the same. We should wait at least 30 minutes after finishing if you don’t want to feel bad or to gain weight.

2. Going to Bed and Sleeping

When you go to bed immediately after eating, then you make your stomach to feel badly and you may feel overwhelmed overnight. Every person is feeling sleepy after eating, but you should try at least two hours to stay awake and like that the food will be processed on better way. The best is to go for a walk after meal.

3. Starting a Cigarette Immediately After Eating

For many smokers, light a cigarette after the meal is something perfect, but it’s a very big mistake. After eating the organism it takes time to cook the food, and smoking will not help it.

Eating fruits

4. Showering

During showering, the flow of blood in the body changes, because it wants very quickly to reach the surface of the skin, for the organism to be able more easily to tolerate the change of temperature and that can make problems in your stomach and to feel bad. Because of that is not recommended to shower, even is not recommended to swim if you are on vacation.

5.  Eating Fruit as a Dessert

Nutritionists are always recommended and say to everybody that the fruit is best to be eaten in the morning, for breakfast, an empty stomach. The sugar in the fruit is giving to us energy for the new day. And if you eat the fruit for a dessert, it will not be able to cook, because fruits have different time for digestion and mix it with the other it will cause problem for you stomach.