Some Fact about Chocolate and Why is Good to Eat!

Melting chocolate in your mouth produces the same or even stronger reaction than a passionate kiss. From the rainforest of Central America, through the first chocolates factory in Spain, as the strictest kept secret for a kilo of one kilogram silver, today this snack is easily available at your table anytime. The first one, as we know it, was produced in 1847 in England. Ancient Aztecs of chocolate attributed magical powers, such as the ability to give them strength. They consumed it like a foamy drink, something like hot chocolate today. Chocolate contains more than 300 minerals useful for your health. Chocolate is produced from an herb called “Theobroma cacao”, which means “food for the gods”.

Some Healthy Benefits from Eating Chocolate

1. Rich in Nutrients

Antioxidants, iron and zinc even there is vitamin C. Antioxidants slow down the aging process, zinc is important for good vision, and strengthens bones, muscles, hair and nails.

2. Minerals

Each piece of black chocolate in our body is the source of the necessary minerals like magnesium. The ingredients of chocolate positively affect the activity of the brain, strengthen the heart and bones and have a positive impact on the muscles.

3. Better Mood

It has long been known that this ingreadint raises our mood. It increases the level of serotonin and improves our mood, raises the level of energy and reduces stress.

4. The Heart Loves Chocolate

Reduces the risk of blood clots.

Is the white layer created on top of the chocolate is harmful?

Is the white layer created on top of the chocolate is harmful?

Even though it has not passed the deadline, it’s often time to open a newly-purchased chocolate and it is covered with a white powder that looks like dust and it’s very often we use to it to throw it away, because we are thinking is not good for eating.

German scientists have finally discovered what the reason is for this and why the upper layer gets whitish color and receives another texture. Due to the increasing number of complaints by consumers, Hamburg scientists have decided to solve this mystery. They came to the conclusion that many people keep it at the wrong temperature.

Exposure of it in an overly hot or too cold place leads to the appearance of white particles on the surface itself, they say. If it is not kept at an adequate temperature, chocolate crumbs are raised on the surface through the tiny cracks. They say the ideal temperature would be 14 to 18 degrees.

Experts point out that this phenomenon is not harmful to our health and it can be eaten despite the created white layer. In addition to the adequate temperature, their advice is already open chocolate is better to be eaten faster, because after a while it begins to release these so-called crystalline particles. However, after all, when you eat chocolate, you will eat it.