Food that can Be Good Source of Probiotics!

When we say probiotics, we immediately think on yogurt as well known source of it. Of course there are many others food that is rich in probiotics and can satisfy your needs of it. But also there are many other options that can satisfy this need and is sought-after more and more.

What are probiotics?

But before we start to spick about other food that is good source of probiotics, let’s see what probiotics are.

Probiotics are something as yeast or bacteria (living organisms), among the other things people believed that improve health of the gut.

Actually body contains some amount of good bacteria, because is very normal body to has in the gut healthy plethora with good bacteria. But when the balanced ratio it’s out of the wack, like when we are using antibiotics, probiotics can help to back the balance

The access of probiotics now of days is very easy, because they can be found as a supplement or added in the food. But also there are so many foods that we can find natural probiotics.

Food that are good source of probiotics

Here we will show you kinds of food that will help you to satisfy your needs of probiotics.

  •  Kefir

Kefir - Good Probiotic!

Also many people are counting kefir as better probiotic than the yogurt. But not only that, kefir is very rich in many nutrients and in any case is very good for the health of the people.

  •  Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut - Good Probiotics!

Many people this kind of food (it will be surprising for you), but sauerkraut can be very good for our health and immunity. It is prepared in that way that you need to shredded cabbage and then to ferment with lactic acid bacteria. Despite being good probiotic sauerkraut is very rich in vitamins B, C and K and fibers.

  •  Kimchi

Kimchi - Good Probiotics!

Kimchi in popular traditional food from Korea and is prepared from fermented vegetables. Mostly is used cabbage, prepared in same way as sauerkraut, fermented with lactic acid bacteria, very good source of probiotics.

  •  Pickles

Pickles - Good Probiotics!

Pickles are good probiotics and it a kind made, that is very interesting, without vinegar just as a sour pickles. To be prepared we need only water and sea salt and this solution helps in growing the good bacteria and make this food very good for the digestion.

  •  Tempeh

Tempeh - Good Probiotics!

Soybean is one more vegetable that in fermented form is good source of probiotic. Also is very good source of the proteins.

  •  Kombucha

Kombucha - Good Probiotics!

Kombucha become very popular drink this couple of years. Drink that is made from fermented black tea and is rich in natural probiotics. This drink is not pasteurized and if you drink in raw form can have potential risk for our health. You should consult with somebody that knows how should be consume this drink.

  • Miso

Miso - Good Probiotics!

Miso is combination of fermented barley, brown rice, soybeans and some other grains and fungus. Result of this process of fermentation, miso makes very good probiotic.

  •  Some Cheeses

Some Cheese - Good Probiotics!

Cheese is very good source of calcium, but also some types of cheese can be good source of probiotic. In this group of cheese fall cheeses as mozzarella, Gouda, cottage cheese and cheddar. But before you buy some cheese and you are buying because of this purpose, read the label and check if it is that you searching for.