Strawberry – Fruit Full of Surprises and Healthy Benefits!

The strawberries are dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love. According to the ancient legend, if you divide the double paired strawberry into half, then the one half you eat, and the other person you want, you will be forever in love with one another.

The strawberry is undoubtedly the fruit with the unhealthiest appearance, with the most pleasant smell and flavor, and it is also healthy and even healthier. The strawberries belong to family rose (Rosaceae), which have three gilled leaves on the long handle.

This berry is full with surprises! Among the numerous types of the strawberries there’re even yellow, which are considered a very special and this type of fruits also can be harvested until the autumn.

It’s very interesting and we will  mention that they’re only fruit that their seeds aren’t hidden inside of the fruit, instead of that they’re located in the outside part of the fruit.

Healing properties of the strawberries also have been very known since the ancient times. Apart from the fruit, the root, as well as the leaves, can be used for treatment.

Tea from a strawberry leaf has been used for a centuries as medicine against digestive disorders, sore throat, eczema, flu and colds, and also for treating goblets.

Two full teaspoons pour a dry strawberry leaf with 250 ml boiled water, when 15 minutes pass, strain. Drink it 3 times per day a cup after eating. This kind of tea can also be used to rinse the throat.

If you really want to purify the body, at the night you will be honored with a greater portion of fresh strawberries (without added sugar and whipped cream) next morning you’ll wake up so fresh, restful and full with energy for  upcoming day.

Also, because they possess the properties of analgesic, once you have a headache, don’t reach immediately for an aspirin. It is much better to eat one portion of juicy strawberries just because unlike the aspirin containing acetylsalicylic acid, also strawberries is rich with natural salicylates.

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antipyretic properties, it can serve you to relieve inflammatory processes, muscle pain and reduce temperature. In addition, they are a great tool for burns.