Harmful Effects that can Be Caused by Artificial Sweeteners!

Artificial sweeteners, as a rule, do not contain calories and cause less harm to the body than sugar.

But, excessive use of sugar leads to a disruption of health. People who want to avoid sugar are often reached by artificial sweeteners. But the question arises – how good are they for human health?

This replacement may erase the receptors in the language that are responsible for poor taste. Artificial sweeteners, as a rule, do not contain calories, and they are added to foods and beverages marked as “dietary”.

The benefit of artificial sweeteners is a topic of contradiction, and all of this causes:

Weight Gain

In San Antonio Study Heart documented that and women and man in the period of 7 to 8 years, people suffered from obesity and weight gain and it was greater for those that use in their diet beverages with artificial sweetness.

Calorie-free sweeteners cause a need for food, or increase appetite.


Another argument against artificial sweeteners is that the unnaturally produced sweetener causes desire for sweets as well as addiction. This idea is logical because people’s taste can change when they consume something.

Diseases of today

Some studies show that artificial sweeteners are associated with the risk of type diabetes 2, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

In European study, those that consumed diet beverage the risk to develop type diabetes 2 are higher than for those that are non-consumers for these beverages. Of course always beverage with artificial sugar-sweetness is associated with the risk of type diabetes 2.

Within age groups, risk for heart disease it was significantly elevate in the women, especially for those that consumed per day more than 2 artificially-sweetened beverages and 2 sugar-sweetened beverages.

Many studies have been shown that drinking even one artificially-sweetened beverage can increase the risk for the hypertension for the women and that is showed in many studies.

Inspired by: http://www.medicaldaily.com/