In Within 6 hours Coffee Effects on Our Body and the Brain!

From all drinks, of course besides the water, the coffee is the most important and widely consumed and spread beverage in all over the world. This plant is planted and its derivate are refined in around 70 countries. This drink is perfect morning “eye-opener” and millions of people enjoy in this tasty and dark beverage.

We are wondering what is happening with the body when we are drinking coffee? One thing we know, that it provides the jolt, especially in early hours. Than we have another question. Why?

Here we will show you the effects of coffee on our body and brain and about the health benefits that are proven.

Coffee and Body

Most of the people are consuming coffee due to neurological benefits, but this drink has and some properties that can improve the body’s functions. Here we will show you some of those healthy benefits:

  • Chemicals that are in the coffee significantly can improve strength and physical performance.
  • Coffee can boosts the metabolic rate and like that speed up the fat burning.
  • Coffee has large source of the antioxidants.
  • One cup with coffee contains recommended daily vitamins intake (B2 – 11%, B3 – 2%, B5 – 6%).
  • Appear that coffee can have liver protective effect.
  • Coffee can help to support the health of blood vessel.

Coffee and Brain

Main reasons why people drink coffee are to focus, mood-boosting and alertness properties. Science sits behind these benefits:

  • Some chemicals in the coffee change the barrier in the blood-brain.
  • The chemicals in the coffee effectively block activity of the adenosine –neurotransmitter that is make us sleepy.
  • Increase transmission of the dopamine that improves the mood and also can increase alertness.
  • Increase the acetylcholine and like that increase the activity of the muscle.
  • It can raise the levels of serotonin and like that create relaxing feeling.

Researchers still continue with their studies on the long-terms benefits of the coffee and the impact on our brain, also put under research and the memory improving, and can reduce the risk of the depression and diseases that are related with brain degeneration.

Coffee and Mornings

What are the Effects of the Coffee in Early Hours?

If we put all this information all together can show to us what is happening in our body and brain in the first moments when we take the sip of the coffee.

  •  In 10 minutes – how we start to drink it, the caffeine enter in the bloodstream and because of that the heart rate and the blood pressure rise.
  • In 20 minutes – we will have 2 neurochemical reactions. In first place caffeine binds on the adenosine and like that increases the energy and neutralizes the fatigue. After that increase the levels of dopamine that have focus on the feeling and can provide alert.
  • In 30 minutes – our adrenal glands is kicked from the properties of the coffee and like that produce hormones in larger amounts. Because of that students may have sharper vision in much shorter time.
  • In 40 minutes – body can produce larger amount of serotonin and like that improves function of the neurons in the spinal cord that is called motoneurons and like that can help to improve coordination and muscle strength.
  • In 4 hours – increase the cellular metabolism and like that initiates accelerated burning of the energy. As result of this process is that the stored fats can be break down and the acidic levels in the stomach increase.
  • In 6 hours – caffeine has diuretic effect and like that promote act of the urination. Due to this around half of consumed caffeine is expelled earlier.


Like we sow from the all information this article gave to us coffee have health benefits that are powerful. Very effectively can improve  mood more and also relieves the boredom. Also enhance focusing and alertness and helps to us to make so decision. From physical point of view coffee can help us with fat-burning, and also can improve our strength and muscle coordination.

It is very important to note that properties of the coffee beans can provide all above-mentioned benefits. All energy drinks that can be found on the market and some coffees products usually have unnatural chemicals, sugar, and preservatives. Same is applied and for bottled or canned coffee.

But of course that and coffee has some disadvantages, such as tachycardia, because of that if you will some changes in tour body or the brain you should always talk with your doctor and make some analyses.