In this material today we have decided to talk about heart disease, what are the symptoms and the reasons why appears heart disease.

Heart is a primary organ that plays an important role, in the function of our body. It has a round shape, in the form of cone, located in the chest with tail returned to the left. The heart is a pump which supplies with the blood the internal organs of the human, it also supplies and herself with blood.

And in case of sickness we have decay of its function as a pump and when the heart does not function properly, and then there are difficulties in delivering pure blood in assigned organs.Number of persons with heart disease over the years it is continuously increasing to people with different ages. When we say at different ages also we want to say for the young people. In most cases, because no information about the disease, it is resulting in premature death or mutilation of human bodies.


Heart deseaseFruit and vegetables for heart disease


There are many types of heart disease among them are:

  • Hypertension and Hypertension

Means excessive growth of the number of arteries on blood. This disease is also known as arteriosclerosis and touches many people.

  • A heart attack

It is due to blockage of blood vessels and lack of supply of the heart muscle with blood, otherwise known as thrombosis embolism.As a result of their, appear disorders on work of the heart, beating and heart tissue stop completely.

  • Arrhythmia

Or disorder of heartbeats.Heart beating at a rate higher than 100 per minute,it is known as tachycardia. In this case the body parts do not work flawlessly, and then the work of heart is disordered.


Heart diseases

When we see that are affected by heart disease, what are the symptoms:

–  Pain in the middle of the chest, oppression or coercion which takes a few minutes.
–  Difficulty breathing, swelling of the feet, blackening of lips, chest pain that spreads to the shoulders, neck and arms, dizziness, body weakness, cold sweat etc.


They are the most varied by category of disease example: Hypertension caused by diabetes and obesity. And the factors that cause heart attacks are: physical inactivity, various stresses, heavy physical work, insufficient rest, smoking, alcohol etc.


Care of your body should be necessary, so the more you show care for ourselves, the more we will be healthy.

Avoid fatty foods and fried-Quick salty foods and fatty, are one of the reasons that could pose heart attack.Also the amount reduction of salt is necessary, because salt increases blood pressure,so be careful in taking the amount of salt in the body.

  • Eat fish

Fish oil contains omega 3 which help reduce tension and retains the arteries and heart, therefore consumption twice a week is necessary.

  • The amount of iron in the blood helps the heart

Recent studies have come to the conclusion that iron is very beneficial for the heart because it does reduce blood pressure also reduce inflammatory processes in organism protecting the heart muscle.



  • Consumption of fruit and vegetables

We all know that eating fruits and vegetables not only for the heart and blood circulation, but they are useful for all our body organs, because they contain a sufficient number of vitamins, protein, fibers, which reduce risks of heart disease.

  • Foods that help heart are

Boiled chicken meat and beef, fish, black bread, rice, corn oil, peanut oil, cabbage, potato, etc. And foods that preventing heart attacks are: olive oil, hawthorn tea, dates, carrot juice, red beets, the nettle tea, strawberries, fig fruit, pears etc.

Stay away from these foods: sweets, chocolate, alcohol, butter, food reserved and spicy foods.

  • Physical activity

physical exercises are the main protection against heart attack,cardiovascular diseases,and circulatory system.Researchers recommend that only two hours a day the average physical exercises within one week reduce the risk of heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases. Moderate physical activity includes: the trot,intensive cleaning (cleaning windows),mowing grass, bike driving etc.