If you have this Medical Conditions Ginger Shouldn’t be Part of your Daily Diet!

Ginger is well known for its health benefits. On the internet we can read many articles about this, but there are cases when it is not good for some people. This plant has great health nutrition value, but some people should avoid. It possesses many powerful nutrients and bio-active compounds, but there are some health conditions that cannot accept this plant in their daily diet.

People are using ginger for their digestive problems. It content powerful enzyme that helps in decomposing of the food and in digestion. Also is very good to use in the process of detoxification of our body.

Regardless of the good health benefits of ginger, shouldn’t be used in this few cases

       1. Underweight

For everybody that belong in this group, you should avoid it and of course and their supplements. Because ginger produce enzyme that help in digestion and pH levels in the stomach increase and is rich with fibers. All this accelerates metabolism and causes losing weight.

Because of that it is not good for people who are underweight. The results are poor muscle mass, hair loss, menstrual irregularities and most important in weight loss.

       2.  Blood Disorders

Blood circulation is very important for our body and ginger stimulate and improve it. Because of that is very good for disease such as, obesity, diabetes, disease of peripheral artery or disease of Raynaud. But for people who are suffering from hemophilia ginger is not good. Their blood has problems with clotting and small injure can be fatal.

Ginger neutralizes effect of drugs that are used in hemophilia and also most probably eve to worst their condition.

        3. Certain Medications

If you use medications for blood pressure and diabetes it is very important to know that you should avoid ginger. All this is because when there is combination of it with the medication like anticoagulants, beta-blockers and insulin, leads to changing the effect of the drug.

If some person has problem with high blood pressure and if that person eat ginger and in the same time take some pills for lowering the pressure, in that case blood pressure will be very low, because and ginger has properties for lowering high blood pressure.

        4. Pregnancy

Ginger support health of the muscle and helps in digestion. But for the women that are pregnant doctors forbidden to use it because during pregnancy it can lead labor or premature contraction. Especially, doctors forbid using of this plant during the last 3 month. Also it absorb fat soluble vitamins and dietary iron.

If you want to use this plant during pregnancy, it is very important and good for their health to consult with the doctor.

Good substitute for the ginger

If you are part of this risky group of people, good substitute for ginger are red paprika, sweet pepper or cayenne pepper.

Many nutritionists suggest this like substitute for ginger.

Source: http://www.justnaturalremedies.com/