Pleasing the Others Often can Cause Anxiety and Depression!

Women are biologically destined to care more for the others. However, when we want to satisfy or pleasing our family and friends will become emphasized – to the extent that it is starting to impair your health, it’s time for change!

Seven signs that you are always pleasing the others

If you complete only two claims, this means that your physical and mental health is seriously endangered and you need to be re-examined.

1. Friends always praise you for your patience and willingness to listen to them while you are burdening your problems.

2. Often you say yes, and when you think NO.

3. You constantly feel guilty for not fulfilling others’ desires.

4. It would be bad if you were disappointed.

5. Occasionally you are so burdened that you are crying.

6. Regularly use the words I MUST and I SHOULD.

7. You rarely tell your opinion to others.


Initially, reject smaller things. For example, if your friends get used to dinner with you, offer them to find with them in a cafe or restaurant. When you are assured that life will not fail because of this, you will become bold to download the next step. Tell them that you’re busy and that’s why you should postpone the arranged meeting.

The next step would be to make a list of priorities. Think about what makes you most happy, and then take more time for that activity, to the detriment of other things. In fact, it’s far better to finish two obligations than all but poorly. The feeling that you have achieved something will increase your self-esteem more than satisfying other people. So, the primary priority should be that you will feel good in your own skin. If that means less time for arranging the house or for going out with friends, let it be so. Still, you are the most important!

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