Sugar Detox: What will Happen with your Body if you Stop Eating Candies!

Giving up from sugar it can be very difficult, but if you manage to restrain yourself, you will realize that labor has paid off.

Chocolate, candy and soft drinks often know to be “balm for the soul,” but it’s time to put an end to them and in this article we will show you and why.

Have you ever thought about how much sugar you actually eat during the day? Especially bad are those hidden “pitfalls”, that is, foods that you do not think contain it like cup sauces, meat products, dairy products and seemingly healthy muesli.

Avoid the sugar and after 4 weeks you will see the following results:

Your Skin will become Clean and Smooth

Every lady who is saying goodbye to the sugar has beautiful skin without acne and pimples. The reason for this is the fact that sugar plays main role in poisoning our body. When consuming too much sugar, its level in the blood rises sharply, and the body sends anti-inflammatory signals to the blood due to which acne appears.

You’ll Sleep Better

Have trouble sleeping? The problem may lie in sugar. Sugar congestion late at night increases the level of insulin that makes the metabolism to work more rather than “falling asleep”. In the evening, consume proteins instead of sugars, because it will make you feel more relaxed and fall asleep.

You will Feel and you will Look Fit

After the high blood sugar level comes to its abrupt decline, and apart from the sugar, your energy and mood also drops. Try to keep your sugar level at a consistently low level with the consumption of whole grains and protein-rich foods.

You will Reduce your Need for Food

Chocolate before lunch or a glass of soda will cause a desire for even more food. The culprit for this is a sharp drop in insulin levels, and if you replace refined sugar with carbohydrates from another chain, it will easily take 4-5 hours between meals without feeling hungry.

You Will be Happier

All of us think that eating cookies will make us happier, but consumption of sugar has been linked to the higher possibility of depression, says Megan Gilmore, a nutritionist consultant (certified) of Kansas City. “Women that consumed foods high on glycemic index, also including and those that are rich with added sugar, it was more depressed from those women that ate less of the these foods. The study appears, June 2015 in American Journal of the Clinical Nutrition.

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