6 Mistakes we Make Daily, and which Contribute Aging Overnight!

Aging is impossible to stop, but with a healthy life and responsible care it can slow down. Here are the things you really need to look out for.

1. Seating

Inactivity is very bad for your skin. A recent study by the American media community shows that people who practiced 30 minutes twice a week had significantly better and healthier skin than those who were not active.

– A long sitting in front of a computer at work can cause the appearance of counts, says Dr. Sonya Batra. She adds that seeing in a phone or tablet can cause a line on the neck.

2. Excessive facial cleansing

The natural skin fat protects it, hydrating it and strengthening the protective function, so it should not be too aggressive to wash your face.

Avoid aggressive soaps and cleaning agents, too, do not overdo peeling or use overheating water, as hot water dries the skin.

Not wearing sunglasses

Whether it’s very sunny or not, do not forget to protect yourself. Wearing sunglasses can prevent wrinkles around the eyes. Also, UV glasses will protect you from harmful rays.

4. Making strange grimaces

Making grimaces, excessive laughing, hugging and raising your cheeks can cause fights, and over time they become deeper, and the skin loses its elasticity.

5. Drinking fluid through a straw

Drink plenty of water, but keep away from the pipes. If you drink drinks through a pipe, you risk forming lines in the lips area. They can be very deep and make you older, so keep away from drinking from a tube and drink directly from a glass.

6. Smoking

Smoking also causes wrinkles around the lips. When a person smokes, he also collects the lips, which causes wrinkles around the mouth. What is worse is that smoking also affects the blood that comes to the skin, so it directly affects it.

Inspired by: http://www.health.com/