Olive Oil – the Elixir of Beauty and Health!

Olive oil is the best thing, King among oil, a precious gift from nature, a true source of our health. Real cure which offers a range of benefits and required to attend at your home. Some of the benefits you may know and practice, but some will be surprised. Also, olive oil is the best choice for your salads and other dishes.

It is reason why Mediterranean people look so healthy, beautiful, young and skinny. All this is because they use it in their daily routine. They doesn’t use other oil, then the olive oil, also they use olive oil to protect their skin and hair from the sun. Because of it they look so naturally.


It is rich in karatenoids and also a good antioxidant. High quality, cold-pressed is rich with many nutrition. Approximately 13 grams of olive oil is rich with:

  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K
  • 119 calories
  • Only 2 grams fats
  • No carbohydrates
  •  3.699 kJ – energy
  •  100 grams of fats
  • 0.8 grams – omega – 3
  • Minerals – iron

A good combination of this substances, it is good for our body. As for our bodies and health benefits, it is also very good, and our exterior. It has great healing powers which have major benefits from every day using of olive oil. So do not hesitate and turn in your daily use, nutrition and in the care of your beauty.

Olive oil



  •  Reduces the possibility of getting cancer

Properties of extra virgin oil are used against several types of cancer. When investigations made, the best results shown in the case of breast cancer and digestive organs.

  • It’s full of healthy fats

If you have a recipe that requires the use of oil or butter, you can simply replace it with olive oil. Instead of said amount of butter, for example, use ¾ Olive Oil and will reduce the calorific value, saturated fat and bad cholesterol.

  •  Reducing physical pain

Olive oil can act as a natural painkiller. It contains oleokantal, a substance that has anti-inflammatory effect. All this is because olive oil is recommended for people with rheumatic diseases of bones.

  • Heart disease and strokes

Heart diseases are one of the biggest killers of women, strokes are the third row. Intake of olive oil in the body every day reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, those that cause heart attacks and strokes because olive oil contains 80% monounsaturated fatty acids which contribute to the reduction of the harmful cholesterol and increase levels of good cholesterol.

  • Alzheimer’s disease

Experts have proved that one of the ingredients of oil oleokantal can prevent the appearance and help in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

  •  Diabetes

According to the scientist’s olive oil lowers glucose levels in the blood, so it is recommended for all diabetics.

Olive oil and health


  •  Cleaning acne

Make a mixture of four tablespoons of salt and three tablespoons of olive oil. With your fingers apply to your face and let it take a minute or two. Then wash with soap and warm water. The mask places it on a daily basis for seven days, and in that two to three times a week, to come to a visible improvement of the skin.

  •  For dry skin

Olive oil makes the skin soft. Use the elbows, knees, heels or if you have cracked nipples on the chest.

  • Hair care

Apply olive oil all over your hair. Wrap in a cloth previously dipped in hot water and leave for 30 minutes. Then nice wash your hair with shampoo.

  • Natural lip balm

Mix equal amount of oil or wax and bee honey. Add 1-2 drops of essential oil and beautiful smell you a natural way to care for cracked lips.

  • Softening cuticles

Before you do manicures, soak your hands in water with olive oil or brush your hands with oil smeared and leave 10-15 minutes. You can easily remove cuticles, and skin on the hands will remain soft and gentle.

Ilive oil and beauty


  1. What is the oil younger, then better.

Use it while it is fresh and aromatic, preferably within a year because its characteristics drastically weaken over time.

2.  If you have an opportunity, always first try the olive oil before you buy.

3.   Keep it in a dark place.

Because heat, light and air are the biggest enemies of all culinary oils. Recommend to the optimum temperature for storage is 14 degrees.

4.  If you want extra flavor, you can at the bottle of oil to add dried herbs and spices for a few weeks to get the desired result.

What is important to know is that the herbs must be completely dry, without our little moisture; otherwise you risk bacteria as botulinium that causes botulism.