4 Rules you Need to Know if you Regularly Dye your Hair!

If you dye your hair and you want to have a hair color that looks healthy and cherished, you must take care of the following things.

With the change of the hair color, you need to change the routine so far, since the color damages your hair and makes it look dry and lifeless.

In addition, we offer four tips on how to cherish the hair color, if you dye regularly, and make it both healthy and shiny.

1.  Use shampoo without sulphate

Sulphates are chemicals without which your hair can survive because they not only know how to cause numerous irritations, but are harmful to colored hair. Sulfate-containing shampoos more quickly remove hair color than those without sulfate.

2. Avoid to wash often your hair

Often washing of the hair can remove all natural oils from your hair, which can cause the hair to crack. Hair washing once or twice a week is ideal for maintaining the color and health of your hair. Hairdressers recommend as little as possible to wash the hair with shampoo, which will see changes in its texture in just a few weeks.


3. The heat is not your friend

Hair styling with heat devices further destroys already damaged hair. Try as far as avoiding the hair dryer, the iron and the hair shape to be healthier. Except that the heat will additionally damage the hair, the color will fade faster. If you cannot completely avoid hair devices, use a spray to protect your hair from heat.

4. Apply oil before shampooing

Coconut oil will protect your hair from potential damage, and castor oil will boost its growth, making it the best option to use both oils. Apply overnight as a mask and wash your hair in the morning or simply apply oil on the tops before washing with shampoo. Treatments with oils will greatly nourish the hair color and make it look bright.