Why Love Relationships Today Don’t Last Long?

We are asking very often this question and we don’t know if this problem in fact is coming because we lost the respect in our relationships or is it something completely different? Although today’s modern relationships are difficult to maintain for many reasons, among which the external factors play a major role, however, the following points reveal an entirely new dimension to this problem. According to these theories, everyone should look for the blame for the breakdown of love ties.

Here we will give few reasons about this issue:

1. We are not ready for a relationship.

We are not ready for sacrifices, compromises, unconditional love. We are not ready to invest everything that is needed to make this connection work. We want everything to be easy, so we give up on the first obstacle.

2. We ask for excitement, not for love.

We want someone with whom we can watch movies and dance at parties, not someone who will understand us even in ready to invest7 Chakra of Life Cycles. We spend time together, but we do not make memories. We do not seek a life partner, but someone we currently have to live with.

3. We don’t have time to love.

We don’t have the patience to face the connections. We are constantly busy with our desire to accomplish material dreams and therefore we have no place in our life for love.

4. You want instant pleasure from everything we do.

Whether it’s about what we publish online, about the career we choose, about the people we fall in love with. We love the immediate maturity that comes with time, the emotional connection that develops over the years and the sense of belonging. It seems nothing is worthwhile for our patience, not even love.

5. We would rather spend hours with a hundred people than a day with one person.

We believe that there are many possibilities for us because we are sociable. We believe more in meetings than in acquaintances. We are greedy and we want everything.

6. We want you to be perfect.

We go to many meetings and rarely give a real chance to anyone. Everything is disappointing, even the smallest trifles.

7. The technology and social media made you so close that we barely breathe.

Our physical presence has been replaced by messages, chats, video calls. We do not feel the need to spend time together. We have already saturated each other; there is nothing to talk about.

8. We do not want to calm down.

We cannot imagine spending our life with only one person. We want to believe that we are different from the rest and that we are not in line with social norms.

9. We are the generation that calls her “sexually liberated.”

Why then would they be tied to someone?

10. Connections are no longer so simple.

There are open links, patterns, occasional combinations, sex for one night, as well as relationships without obligation – we have left so little room for love in our lives.

Inspired by: https://www.psychologytoday.com/