Meditation Techniques that can help you to Get Rid from Condition of Mindfulness!

According to the Center at Berkeley University, Greater and Good Science, act of the mindfulness is or can be define such as “maintaining moment-by-moment with awareness of our feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations, surrounding environment and bodily sensations .” If you suffer of mindfulness need and ask of constantly practicing of some techniques to cure mindfulness condition. These techniques are good to improve the quality of sleep, impact of stress on brain, increase the sense of physical and emotional well-being. It’s very important to note that you don’t need to be master of Zen if you want to achieve this awareness.

We will show you few techniques that can help you are in mindfulness condition.

1. Release your tension

Squeeze tightly your hands in a first, count till 20 and count to 20 and then release them again. We should be awareness that of the sensation and power is in our hands. Keep your attention on this sensation longer. Do this technique and repeat few times and you will notice how much your mind will be focused and you will feel calmer. And this is technique is easy to be done, you don’t need special place you can do in anytime and anywhere, just you need your mind focused in your hands.

2. Focus your Mind on One Object

Pick one object that you want to focus, sit and focus on it without any judgment and observe. If its help for you, easier is to observe and focus with watching on children, animals, trees, waves and clouds or if you are not into nature you can watch flame of candle or some fireplace that can effect on you hypnotically and help to you lost in a time. Observe the wanted object in a curiosity way, without any labeling or categorizing the object.

3. Enjoy in Listening Music

Play the music you like and listen carefully the music and the sounds that are arising. Note what kind of emotions you have while listening, how you are feeling, what kind of memories are coming to you and the colors you are imagine while listening. Especially is helpful the instrumental music, because you turn off the part of the brain that tries to identify, translate and decipher the meaning and like that to develop your imagination.

Techniques that helps to get rid of mindfulness

4. Turn On your Sense of the Smell

Smell something very strong such as lavender, garlic and coffee beans and keep note how it effect on your nose. Using aromatherapy can help you to focus your mind on scent. Some Taiwanese researchers have been found that if you use aromatherapy you will decrease the stress of your body. Choose scent that is pleasant for your nose and open your chakras.

5. Explore Tastes that are Old, but in New Ways

Use pieces of the chocolate, mint or ice cube, than put some food in the mouth and entirely focus on the taste and how is your feel on the tongue. After that think how are you feeling when you bite some food? How you are feeling when it chew or swallow? Think on every feeling that you can have when you decide to eat some food. Eat in some quite place, slowly and put all attention on that what are you eating, without any disturbance of TV or some other people while your meal. Like that you will focus on what you want on your mind and these techniques can help to lower your stress, lose some weight and to increase your inner satisfaction.

6. Have Meditative Walk

Find place in the nature that you can walk alone and to focus better listen music through headphones, but some soft, instrumental, meditative music. Walk slowly, look down, and watch your feet while you walking. Put all your attention into your footsteps. Think how do you feel with every step or on what are you stepping on? You will be amazed of the act how simple walking can lead you on the awareness in the present moment.

7. Take Bath

If you want to relax the best way is to take bath. Fill the tub with water that is warm and put some essential oil, turn off the light, light candles and turn on some soft, relaxing music. Focus on the scent for a moment, than focus on your feelings. What are you feeling while warm water is surrounding your body? After this close the eyes, listen the music and relax. This technique can help you to relax and to get rid from all unnecessary information that can lead to your mindfulness. Stay in the bath till you become aware of your surroundings.