According to the Psychologists, People that are Crying have Unique Personality!

Do you remember when was the last time crying? Maybe it was week ago or month ago? Or just your eyes are drying in this moment. It’s normal if you are feeling a little bit vulnerable after crying, but believe me there are no reasons to apologize.

Crying maybe isn’t the healthiest thing you can do, but for sure is good sign of resilience and strength. Here we will show you 4 reasons why crying is not making you pathetic, just you can feel empowered.

1. Crying Relieve the Stress

One study from 1983 from the Association of American Psychological showed that people that are crying are feeling more relieved due to the stress from sad or anxious thoughts and interpersonal relationships.

Also crying is good way to filter and channel out all the events and your thoughts that is making to feel worries and griefs. Gathering up all of your emotions and keeping your tears it can cause psychological damage in long-term.

Crying is good way to release all negative thoughts and tension, it allow to us feeling recharged and comforted. Also emotional tears contain hormones that can escape the body and after crying could improve much our mood.

2. Crying Show that you do not Care What People Think

Feeling feebleness and vulnerable when you cry usually can happen if for us is important what others think about us. You can feel the cracks in the voice, feel the blood and tears in rush to the face, but try the hardest in order to suppress this kind of response.

Society is pushing us that showing emotions, such as crying in front of the others we should avoid, but our human side show that we’re sensitive and intelligent creatures and it is very difficult constantly to keep up all emotion.

3. You are not Afraid to Show your Feeling

We, as human cry for many reasons: anger, hormonal imbalances, loneliness, stress, low level of blood sugar and loss, are some of the reasons why we cry. Sometimes we cry from trivial reason such as nostalgic song or sad movie and very often we don’t know the reasons why we are crying. It is very important of it are you’re acknowledging of your emotions and also confronting them. If you are not facing with your negative emotions that can lead: anxiety disorder, alcoholism, depression, using drugs and also can lead to the unhealthy behavior.

Feeling as guilt, fear of the judgment and punishment, self-doubt in the all forms can be some of hindrances and can choke back disassociate and tears. But if you allow to you to release yourself of the self-doubt for good of your mental health is good sigh of the control and courage.

4. Crying can Makes Better Friend

Before we said that we are humans and we show our emotions and like that we send message that we are strong, also we show to our family and friends that we are open and honest when we are facing with the adversity.

For example if you find yourself in a situation where you are sitting with some friend and both of you receive some upsetting news, be the first that will show the emotions and feel comfortable with that.

Crying doe’s perfect and amazing things for our character and for our relationships. It is very important to break down all these walls, because those walls lead us to separation from people important for us.

Crying can help you to learn who your true friends are. When you feel vulnerable and there are some friends that are avoiding you or just bring down are the friends that probably you should take into a consideration to remove them from your ordinary.