Black Moon it Happen this Year after 20 Years and Bring to Us Changes!

February is the fastest month of the year, but is interesting because of a strange heavenly phenomenon called Black Moon.

Here we will show you how it can affects on you.

Namely, because the month is shorter than the rest, there will not be a full moon in the lunar cycle, but the  Black Moon of February appears, which last time appeared in 1999.

When do not have month with a full moon, such as this February, then we have two (January and the March) and each month with two full moons, one is Blue Moon.

But, not only it’ll affect on your horoscope, also will depend from your sign will affect the change of your life.

A moon that does not appear full once a month is called the Black Moon.

There are many superstitions associated with this phenomenon, and one of them is that this phenomenon marks the end of  life and humanity  on the earth, but and the phases of the darkness that all of us has  naturally experience, for some are very awesome.

Black Moon

However, this month does not symbolize any end and fear, but relief and freedom.

This is the month when we have enough courage to let ourselves go and see the whole picture.

Every one of us has a plan for their own life, but rarely when things take place according to plan. When things do not go hand by hand, we become discouraged and give up the contract. But, no matter how strange, it is only way to make the magic happen.

Once we are giving up from our dreams, we’ll see that dreams do not give up from us.

Eclipse broke the hearts of many and left us without exit.

It is February when we have the support of the universe.

Although it seemed to us that something was over, it was actually just put on a “pause”.

Our life takes place in chapters, some of which are in charge of dreams, others for culmination, and then some in which everything seems to be lost.

Black Moon

During these dark weeks in February everything it’ll change, even if everything seems to remain the same.

February is the space between the happy moments, the ones we face with our pains and dreams.

It’s time for us to stop believing in our limitations and lies and instead clearing ourselves with ourselves.

We can feel the better or same.

Development is a difficult process and happens only when we’re confronted with our own fears and also when we’re thinking that we have passed the worst.

It’s time to be quiet and it’s time to talk to loved ones, but also with the person we see in mirror.

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