Depression Isn’t a Choice!

Depression is the most serious and common mood disorder affecting 300 million people every year in the world. It changes the way people think, behave and feel. The difference between discomfort and depression is that it is intense feeling with deep sorrow and despair, which can last  days and weeks, even months. Symptoms may include hopelessness, rejection, concentration problems,sleep problems, lack of energy, and time to time even suicidal thoughts. Depression isn’t a choice, it is a disease.

It is serious and strong  medical condition. Although effective therapies exist, however, less than a 50% of people seek and need professional help. People may be are not feeling ready to seek help for various reasons: They may think that they can always overcome it themselves or they may think that anybody will understand they feelings.

There are many myths about depression, and the 2 most common ones are that it occurs because of a negative event and  people that are depressed should always be surround themselves with things that make them happy. Either one or the other depicts depression in a real light and both influence the increase in stereotypes.


Things you should need to know for depression

1. Anyone can be affected by depression. It can affect all people from any age, ethnicity, social position and location.

2. Depression is common. According “The World Health Organization” estimated that it’ll be the second most common medical condition by 2030.

3. It can also appear for no reason. Depression does not have to be caused by a particular event. It can appear anytime, anywhere.

4.Depression cannot be easily solved. Some people that suffer from the depression try to treat themselves. And it often leads to the use of drugs, sex, alcohol or other very dangerous behaviors that they think will help them to cope with feelings and thoughts, but those attempts find it a quick solution often lead to self-destruction to our-self.

5. Therapy is needed. In 80% of cases, the people who have been received professional help and depression therapy say it really helped them. Therapy may include combination of pills, therapy, and other alternative approaches.


How to give support to someone with depression?

1. Always Be patient. It is a disease that need to be so adequately and very professionally treated. The way of coping with healthy skills are taught and practiced, and it takes time.

2. Always listen without condemnation. Listen more and speak less. Let them tell their feelings and thoughts, it can help them a lot.

3. Focus on the present and take small steps. When a person is depressed, it is difficult to see a larger picture. It is therefore a good thing to live in the present and to make small steps.

4. Do something and get involved. Contact a person, plan and move: go to a shopping center, watch movie, cook dinner or you can  just walk around. When the people are in depression, they usually are isolating themselves from the others. A good way to stay connected is to do something fun and relaxing together.

5. Learn more for the depression. Knowledge can be so powerful. More we can know, more we could be proactive about how it is perceived.

Depression is always real and is very serious condition and nobody consciously choose to have it, just as nobody choose to be very ill with another illness. It is likely that each of us knows someone who is close and who suffers from depression.

Good news is that it is cured and that people that suffer from the depression can have productive and happy lives. The key is always good treatment. As society it is time for us to stop stigmatizing it and see how it is: a disease that nobody chooses or loves.