How Intelligent People are Winning the Manipulators?

According to an old saying: “All that is needed to win the evil is the good man to take nothing.” This refers to the absence of reaction to the strange evil. When you do not react at all, you are doing nothing that has happened or that these people do not exist, the evil people will not have any influence. They will realize that all they have done is in vain, and it will be even harder for them to lose what they do not know, neither knows what you are thinking nor that will irritate them. Because of that ignoring is the best reaction if you want to win people that are manipulators.

Intelligent people use revenge as a weapon for their own progress, but this has nothing to do with the lives of other people and deeds. They take revenge in the following ways:

1. They are speaking through their work

Do not let emotions manage your actions and do not turn revenge into personal work. That’s why you’ll just feel bad. Devote yourself to what you know to do best without gossip, deeds, and unnecessary conversations with those who did not deserve your attention.

2. Never be silent just to calm the passions

They should not be tolerant of the manipulators who make plans and to please them in order to maintain peace and the alleged harmony in the environment. On the contrary, wise people with the help of ambiguous sentences give them the knowledge that they know what they are and thus prove to them that they are not blind and that they will not be able to repeat the same mistake without consequences.

3. Never isolate yourself

Most people, after being attacked by a close person, usually retreat into isolation. But the manipulators just love it: to isolate yourself and drag yourself as if you were to blame.

4. Do not immediately respond with an attack

To avoid the label saying “The attack is the best defense,” let’s keep things going for a while. Additionally, when you get upset and show your anger, you will discover your weaknesses and in that way you will feed the need of the one who just wanted to achieve it.

5. Become more successful.

For the bad man there is nothing more painful than the other’s happiness. This is another reason why intelligent people become more successful when someone tries to pull them to the bottom.

The worst you can do is to return the same amount. In that case you will not overtake anything better than the one who has done evil to you. Evil can not be corrected by evil. Do not get dirty in the stranger and listen to your conscience and reason.

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