Stop Absorbing the Negative Energy of Other People’s in five steps!

Negative people and negative energy around you can bring you so down like nothing else. While there are many sympathetic people and they are feeling compassion for the others and they can take all burden of the others and care it their own.

In the cases like this, people that have compassion for everybody can absorb all the negative energy of those people and can affect on you physically,mentally and spiritually.

However it’s very important to give emotional support to the people around you and to those that are important for you, but you should learn to protect the heart from the people that takes advantages of all your kindness.

In this article we will show you five simple ways to end to absorb negative energy:

1. Stop with People-Pleasing

If you have people in your life that are complaining about you or just trying to bring down, never take it too personally. This behavior is just reflection on what they are not what is your worth. If you let to yourself to be under influence of the gossip, like that you will start to depend from the opinion of the others.

It is very important to understand and realize not everyone is like you and that your value it is not coming from opinion of the others.

The most important is to love yourself and then let to your spirit to be free from people that are toxic for you.

2. Keep the Vampires Far from you

If ever had or had some friend that suck your life from you or just you need to gather all your strength to handle him or her and like that you feel exhausted physically and emotionally.

These kinds of people are often called emotional vampires. And they always calling you when they really need support, but they are never here when you need.

What is important for you to understand that it is not your responsibility fixing the problems of the others even if they are family member.

Being part of some drama will not help to that person and for sure will not help you.

3. Learn to Say No

The most important thing is to learn and set your boundaries and to say when someone crosses them.

You will never let to someone to come and to ruin your home, then why to let to someone to damage all of your self-esteem?

And totally contrary of folk’s beliefs it is not rude at all to say no and you don’t need to explain to anyone why you say no. Always stand for you and your feelings if you think that someone don’t respect you.

Always keep people around you that are good and affect on you very good, because your heart and time are precious. If you notice that to some friend you are saying very often No that means that either you help to that friend or you just hold him back.

4. Enjoy in Your Time

Always find time for yourself and give relaxing time to tune in the own desires and thoughts. It isn’t important how you will enjoy in your time it can be lazy morning or anything else just to find inner voice of you.

If you are finding yourself in some rough place just go outside. Nature and fresh air and the world around you can help you to realize that your problem is small comparing with the others.

When you find in a place with positive and strong energy soak up and reconnect with yourself.

5. Take Responsibility

In the end you are the only person that can affect on that how to feel. It doesn’t depend on what kind of place you are finding, it’s your choice if you will be strong enough and do not let others to have power on you.

If you once take the responsibility for all your emotions that means that you discharge yourself from all influence of the others.

When you start to feel love and confident for yourself, you’ll gain strong endurance and emotional strength.

The most important things are to stay full with positive energy. It is very normal sometimes to have some negative thoughts time to time but don’t let them to destroy your mood.

Sometimes is very good to cry and to relive you bad feelings.