Mistakes that all of Us Makes while Traveling!

If you don’t travel very often, it is almost impossible avoiding some mistakes while your trips. Well, you can always learn from people’s mistakes and not repeat them. See the most common mistakes people make during a journey.

1. You are staying on suburban area to save some money

Staying at the periphery sometimes can be comfortable, for example if you have a car rented. The hotels away from the city center are often cheaper, but also the difference isn’t very great. In addition, you save saved money on transport. When you’re on vacation, it is better to stay in middle of events and be surrounded by the beauty of the city instead of in a hotel away from the center. If you are housed in the center you will be able to visit the interesting places a late in the night or just early in morning when there is not too much crowd. You will not drop anything, and besides, you can stay in old and authentic hotel. Another advantage is that you can always return to your room to relax.

2. Don’t pay attention to reviews

Most of the people usually  read the hotel reviews, but they usually

forget to read about the places they visit. These reviews will help you discover amazing tricks to find cheaper or much different entry. Thanks to reviews of food with photos and you can see how the meals look really like in some restaurants. Some websites that will help to you:

Tripadvisor: And this is perhaps most famous of website that has reviews of everything.

Foursquare: This is useful website that will help to you to choose best places for fun, eating and drinking.

Yelp: This website is almost the same as Foursquare,and is specializes in cafes and restaurants.


3. You bring too many staff

When you start to pack, you must have thought that you are carrying a lot of things, than ending up with huge suitcase. And when you get to the destination, you will realize that much of things you do not need at all. In everyday life we certainly do not wear new clothes everyday, so there is no need for it on your journey. Pack a few pieces of clothing that you can combine.

4. You are afraid to talk to strangers

When we traveling with some other people, we do not make friends with the locals or other tourists, but when you will have chance and to make some friends with some locals use it. Local residents show interest, so do not be shy. Do not forget, hostels are a great place and to meet people around the world.
Mistakes while traveling

5. You try  and  to see everything

You must be sure that as soon as you are here, you must see all the sights. And this only makes you “run” around. It is better to have fun and enjoy. After all, you’ve gone on holiday, and of course there’s no way to be able to see everything. It is also bad idea to see 2 cities on the same day. It’s better to spend 2 days in a city and really get to know it.

6. You travel in high season

The crowd of tourists will spoil every glance and rest, because of this, when you planning a trip, watch it to be off season. If you are going to Rome late autumn you will not be able and to enjoy in Italian famous ice cream, but you’ll walk along the streets without tourists and you will not wait in queues.

7. You’re not buy tickets online

Queues for familiar places are sometimes unusually large. But there are special entrances for people with and people without a ticket. Buy tickets online are especially for the places such as  the Louvre or Statue of the Liberty.

Source: https://brightside.me/