5 Healthy Habits that Adults should Practice in their Life!

Harvard researchers found that by adopting 5 healthy habits, adults can add another 10 years of their lives.

If they practice, women can extend their life expectancy by 14 and men in 12 years.

These five habits for adults are:

1. Healthy diet

Regular daily diet is very important for you to look fresh and young. If you eat bad and junk food that will be visible on your face. Because of that is important to care what kind of food you eat daily. Also is good to eat a loot of fruits and vegetables and food rich with essential nutrients.

2. Regular exercise

Healthy diet accompanied by regular exercise can make us to feel younger and full with self-confidence.

3. Keeping healthy body weight

Having body weight that is normal for our height is also important for us.

4. Limited Drinking Alcohol

We all know that consuming alcohol in high quantities is bad for us and our body and can make us to feel and look much older that we are.

5. Avoiding cigarettes

We don’t need to say, we all know that cigarettes are very bad and makes us too look tired and old.

This is not something we have not heard before, but this research shows how realistic the effect of these healthy habits is. Namely, it has been found that people living in harmony with these habits can reduce the risk of premature death caused by cardiovascular disease by a whopping 82% and reduce the risk of cancer death by 65%. Healthy individuals have a 74% lower risk of premature death.

The survey was conducted by experts who collected data from 78,865 American women for 34 years and collected data from 44,354 men for 27 years. The results showed that those who do not smoke cigarettes that have a healthy body mass index and who walk for at least 30 minutes a day, feed well and consume moderate amounts of alcohol, can affect their lifespan.

According to this study, if a 50-year-old woman practices these healthy habits, she can expect to live for another 43 years. However, if none of these habits are part of her everyday life, she is likely to live only 29 years.

For a 50-year-old man, healthy habits can add up to 38 years, compared to 26 if they do not adopt a healthy habit.

Frank Hu, the lead author of the study, says: “Respect for healthy habits is at a very low level. Therefore, the public should more often put more emphasis on the preparation and consumption of healthy eating and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. ”

Source: https://www.independent.co.uk/