Johnnie Walker is replaced temporarily to ‘Jane Walker’ for support to women!

Johnnie Walker temporarily replaces its traditional male mascot by female version and it is logo in bid to expand its appeal and among women,also to support and empowerment causes.

This move marks for first time brand shows significantly altered of the logo in 100 years, and this its timed and we can say is coincidence with both and Month of Women’s History and with International Day of Women’s every March.

The brand owned by Diageo will donate over $1 of the every bottle that will be sold for $34 per bottle sold on the organizations that are champion the women.

Johnnie Walker

Some will proceeds and it’ll go to the Monumental Women that wants to make monument honoring to America’s women that are suffragists in the Central Park of the NewYork City’s, of course some it’ll be donated on the “She Should Run” that is dedicated to the inspiring women that run for the office.

Approximately 250,000 bottles from the Jane Walker it’ll be accessible in US.

While well-intention move also has been praised from some online, from others it have been, we can say more cynical like comparing concept with ‘Lady Doritos’ moment from PepsiCo’s– when the chief executive it suggested that the company it was compiling “less crunchy” of their product just prepared for women.

Stephanie Jacoby, Speaking to the Time, the vice-president from the Johnnie Walker claim Scotch as category was “has been seen as particularly terrifying by women,”and  adding logo and change was “really exciting and good opportunity to make invitation all women into brand.”

Johnnie Walker

Approximately 50% of the Johnnie Walker’s 12 ‘expert blenders’ are the women, and 6 out 15-strong of Diageo’s c-suite board are the women.

The brand is not first that are turning from having traditionally logo with male or the mascot to female one. Much earlier in this year the star of country music Reba McEntire it became first woman that ever play in the mascot of Colonel Sanders and  KFC founder.

In meanwhile, in order to mark the “International Women’s Day 2017” brand for paper towel Brawny replaced it is flannel-wearing, burly the male mascot that is with woman and part of it is ‘Strength Hasn’t Gender’ campaign.